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NBC’s ‘Smash’ Might Finally Make Katharine McPhee a Megastar

Lyndsey Parker
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Katharine McPhee on 'Smash"

I admit that I've never been the biggest Katharine McPhee fan. I never came down with a case of McPheever. I chose to join the Soul Patrol instead of the Kat Pack during "American Idol" Season 5. I also didn't closely follow Kat's career after "Idol"--a career that, despite her record labels' aggressive marketing efforts, never quite took off. But now I think Miss McPhee has finally found the ideal vehicle for her talents: the new NBC series "Smash," which debuts in February.

I never really bought Katharine as a pop star--and certainly not as the "edgy" indie girl she tried to be when she underwent her drastic platinum-pixie-cut makeover a few years ago. But now that I've seen some clips from "Smash," I am intrigued. "Smash" appears to be a sort of "Glee"-ified remake of "A Chorus Line" for the modern age, with Katharine playing an aspiring small-town actress competing for the part of Marilyn Monroe in a splashy new Broadway production. The show might finally actually make Katharine a star after so many false starts and career reboots, as this seems like the role she was born to play. So many Idols have done Broadway in real life, anyway--including Katharine's old "Idol" rival Taylor Hicks--so Kat just seems to be taking the whole "Idol"/Broadway crossover phenomenon to the next level. It's all very meta, if you think about it.

I'm actually getting excited about this show, and I think that pairing the musical drama with "The Voice" is a very smart move on NBC's part. "Smash's" first episode will air after the Super Bowl on February 5, the same night as "The Voice's" Season 2 premiere, and then both shows will settle into a regular Tuesday night slot. Will "Smash" be a smash? And will I finally become a card-carrying member of the Kat Pack? We shall see.

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