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New Blake Lewis Fan Video: Heartbreakingly Cute

Lyndsey Parker
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The title track to American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis's new sophomore album, Heartbreak On Vinyl, is indeed a heartbreaker for music fans who used to love sifting through the bins at now-shuttered record emporiums like the Virgin Megastore or Tower Records, as it is an ode to the sadly bygone days of record-shopping. A nostalgic depiction of romance between record racks, backed by twinkling Casio-like synths, "Heartbreak On Vinyl" also sounds like a lost classic off a John Hughes soundtrack, something Molly Ringwald might have done a slouch-booted new wave kickdance to in detention hall back in the day.

So it makes sense that a particularly bold Blake Lewis fan decided to create the unofficial video for "Heartbreak On Vinyl," cobbling together classic record-shop and prom-scene footage from some of the greatest music-minded flicks of the '80s and '90s, including Spinal Tap, Pretty In Pink, High Fidelity, Fast Times, Airheads, and Empire Records. It's like "Heartbreak On Celluloid."

This tribute video is so cute, it'll make your heart melt like a vinyl 45 left in the back window of a Volkswagen Scirocco on an '80s summer day. Enjoy:

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