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New Favorite Show Alert: ‘My Cat From Hell’

Lyndsey Parker
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Jackson Galaxy just might be every rocker chick's dream man. By night, he's a tattooed rock 'n' roll bad boy, playing in a band. But by day, he's a cat whisperer, helping troubled pet owners manage their difficult kitties and serving as the official cat behaviorist for the Game Show Network's "Think Like A Cat" and as the cat expert on Animal Planet's "America's Cutest Cat" and "Cats 101." He's the kind of magic man who can lull a shelter's roomful of ferocious felines to sleep, and I imagine that if he didn't already have a girlfriend (who shares his living quarters with five kitties and two dogs), and if Best Coast's cat-obsessed Bethany Cosentino wasn't still going out with that dude from Wavves, Jackson and Bethany could be the cutest crazy cat couple in rock.

So now Jackson has a new reality show on Animal Planet, the irresistibly titled "My Cat From Hell," on which he will teach the nation's confused cat owners how to properly pet a cat, bond with a cat, and stop a cat from urinating in human mouths. In other words, it's going to be the best show that's ever aired on TV.

Check out some teasers from the show (which premieres tomorrow, Saturday May 7, at 9pm) below, and go here for more "My Cat From Hell" awesomeness. "My Cat From Hell" is going to be total television heaven.

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