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New Show Alert: Bobby, Brady

Lyndsey Parker
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Maureen McCormick, Bobby Brown, and Carnie Wilson may have lost--some say quite unjustly--to Julio Iglesias Jr. on the CMT show Gone Country. But while Julio seems to have given up on a country career already, and Gone Country svengali John Rich (of Big & Rich) has since moved on to his judging post at Nashville Star (which premieres tonight), these three reality vets are going country anyway.

See, Bobby, Carnie, and MarciaMarciaMarcia are set to star in CMT's Outsider's Inn, on which they will join forces to run a bed & breakfast in rural Tennessee. And wackiness will surely ensue!

Now, anyone who witnessed Maureen and Bobby's onscreen chemistry in Gone Country knows this odd couple makes for some fab TV. So it's worth setting your TiVo for the show's August premiere now:

However, Gone Country viewers may also recall that Bobby had a bit of a sleepwalking problem...and, as a result, a little bit of a problem mistaking human beings (like his Gone Country roommate, Dee Snider) for toliets when he got up to answer nature's call in the middle of the night.

This was hilariously but somewhat creepily chronicled in Gone Country's R. Kelly-like, nightvision surveillance footage.

So I suggest any lodgers at Bobby's new B&B make sure their doors are securely locked and their Do Not Disturb signs are prominently displayed before they hit the proverbial hay.

And finally...if Bobby, Maureen, and Carnie ever have Dee Snider as a B&B guest (if Dee is brave enough to sleep under the same roof with Bobby ever again), I suggest they keep their kitchen well-stocked with plenty of coffee:

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