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New Video Alert: Allison Iraheta Goes Back The ’80s

Lyndsey Parker
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Allison Iraheta wasn't even ALIVE in the '80s--on the "Year They Were Born" night of American Idol season 8, the 17-year-old sang Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me," a song from 1992--but her debut video for "Friday I'll Be Over U" is so totally tubular, it seems like something Martha Quinn might have back-announced back in MTV's brick-walled basement infancy. It's pretty much the awesomest '80s-homage video since Stone Temple Pilots' "Big Bang Baby," or at least since Snoop Dogg's "Sensual Seduction."

Complete with Cheap Trick checkerboards, Synchronicity primary-color paint slashes, and even some sketch animation that makes Allison resemble either the love interest in A-ha's iconic "Take On Me" video or a 2D Patrick Nagel vixen come to life, "FIBOU" is a fun-filled retro romp back to the more innocent '80s days Allison missed out on. The day-glo days of Galleria shopping sprees, Pacman-fevered arcade benders, and John Hughes matinees. The safety-dancing days when Rio danced on the sand, people were people, and Der Kommissar was in town.

And in the clip, Allison is at her Benatar-channeling best, although her performance also brings to mind Patty Smyth in Scandal's "Goodbye To You" video, or the Waitresses' Patty Donahue in "I Know What Boys Like," or Kim Wilde in "Kids In America."

(FYI, I assume Allison and most viewers in her age bracket will fail to get most of these pop-culture references, but oh well.)

Anyway, it's amazing how such a new-wavey clip seems so new and fresh right now. Check it out above, along with this personal intro from Allison herself. Totally rad:

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