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New Video “The Truth”: Kris Allen’s Operation Desert Storm

Lyndsey Parker
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Kris Allen's long-awaited second music video, for "The Truth," has finally premiered, after a series of disasters and delays during its filming. A rainstorm during the first day of shooting caused the crew to pull the plug, after sand at the California desert shoot location turned to mush and various equipment, trailers, and even Kris's piano sank into the quicksand-like mud. Kris and the crew also had to brave 110-degree heat on another shoot day, that time in the Nevada desert.

So, was the final video result worth all that suffering? In a word, yes. Esteemed cinematographer Aaron Platt, who directed the dreamy desert clip, did a superb job of creating an artsy, moody, cinematic vibe, shooting Kris amid Discovery Channel-esque sandscapes, dramatically crashing chandeliers, sepia-toned silhouettes...and, um, Pat Monahan.

Yes, Pat Monahan. Honestly, the presence of the Train frontman, who co-wrote "The Truth" and appears on the updated radio single version of the song, is the one element that kind of breaks the mood of the video--his shots look somewhat different in aesthetic from the rest of the piece, and almost seem tacked on as afterthoughts. Obviously Pat's suddenly raised profile--after Train became unlikely A-list rockers again this year, due to their comeback single "Hey Soul Sister"--is the whole reason "The Truth" was re-recorded with Pat, and probably why "The Truth" was selected to be the second single at all (there were many other good second-single options on Kris's album, like "Can't Stay Away," "Written All Over My Face," and "Bring It Back"). So it makes sense why Kris's record label wanted to include Pat in the VH1-friendly "The Truth" video. Still, I would have preferred Kris to be the only male star of this clip.

That being said, Kris does look like a real star here, emoting expertly for the camera and braving the desert elements like a trouper. Apparently Kris Allen can handle "The Truth."

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