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New/Old Adam Lambert Song Surfaces On iTunes

Lyndsey Parker
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As Glamberts eagerly await Adam Lambert's sure-to-be-awesome sophomore album, a "new" Adam track, "Live The Life," has seemingly materialized out of nowhere. Maybe it was beamed in directly from Planet Fierce to tide Adamaniacs over until Mr. Lambert returns with some official post-For Your Entertainment material for our entertainment.

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Actually, the real story is "Live The Life" is not a new song after all. The clubby, dancey track dates back to Adam's pre-"American Idol" days, and was co-penned by Adam and J. Scott G., a San Diego-based electronic music producer. The day after Adam placed second on the Season 8 "Idol" finale (May 21, 2009), J. posted a blog on his MySpace page titled "J. Scott G. Wins The Music Lottery (J. Scott G. collaborates with Adam Lambert)," about what he believed was the song's imminent release.

"Yes it's true," J. wrote. "Right before Adam Lambert auditioned for American Idol, he and I collaborated on a *MASSIVE* song called 'Live The Life' that has yet to be released."

In the lengthy blog, the producer went on to explain that he and Adam had met via MySpace about six months before Adam was on "Idol" (he claimed that Adam contacted him), and that, understandably impressed with Adam's voice, he had arranged to meet with him.

J. wrote that their subsequent collaboration was very fruitful: "Adam was a superstar in the booth. As you're all aware by now, his singing abilities are professional by any and all accounts. We knocked one piece after another out and by the end of the day had cut the main vocals, doubles, harmonies and adlibs."

Once Adam's "Idol" run began, the release of "Live The Life" was put on indefinite hold due to Adam's contractual agreements with "Idol" (according to J.; it's also possible Adam didn't want it released at that time, especially since he was already trying to stop the release of an unauthorized album of pre-"Idol" recordings, Take One). But now, two years later, the track and several remixes have finally been made available on iTunes as an EP...surprisingly, with Adam Lambert's blessing.

"Check out J Scott G's 'Live the Life' feat Me! We wrote and recorded this a year before Idol. #manifestation," Adam tweeted this week.

As a fan of Adam's more electro-leaning tunes, like "If I Had You" and the B-sides "Down The Rabbit Hole" and "Voodoo," I personally appreciate "Live The Life"--although its many vocal-burying effects frustratingly make it more of a showcase for J.'s talents than for Adam's, and I don't at all expect Adam's forthcoming album to sound anything like this. It's just nice to finally hear something new from the Glamerican Idol, even if it's not really that new at all.

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