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Nuptial News: Crystal Bowersox Weds, Is Now Officially “WalkerSox”

Lyndsey Parker
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Back when she was on "American Idol," Season 9 runner-up and single mom Crystal Bowersox expressed frustration that her then-boyfriend Tony Kusian hadn't "manned up" and popped the question. Then, just hours before her final competitive performance on "Idol," she and Tony split up, both citing his incompatibility with her new L.A. celebrity lifestyle. But it wasn't long before Crystal found a man willing to man up, apparently: Only two weeks ago, she announced her engagement to musician Brian Walker, and on Sunday, October 10, the two tied the knot in front of 60 guests (including Season 9 finalist Didi Benami and "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" actor Lance Barber) at Uncommon Ground, the Chicago restaurant where they first met while performing at an Open Mic Night.

This does certainly seem like a whirlwind courtship, especially in light of Crystal's crazy year ("Idol" insta-fame, health problems, a nationwide concert tour, and the recording of her Jive Records debut out this December, not to mention the whole Kusian breakup). But Crystal and Brian have actually known each other for six years, with their friendship turning organically romantic in recent months.

And these two do seem made for each other, based on People's report on the WalkerSox hippie-wedding details. Crystal walked down the aisle wearing a hemp, cotton, macramé, and seashell gown created by Vermont designer Tara Lynn in Tara's solar-powered studio, and later the couple feasted on a laughing Buddha cake from Chicago's organic Bleeding Heart Bakery.

So, will the WalkerSoxes make beautiful music together as husband and wife? Well, that remains to be seen--the demands of Crystal's career as she records, releases, and promotes her post-"Idol" album will surely put a strain on the newlyweds. But Crystal doesn't seem to think the timing of their nuptials is odd. "Our lives have never made more sense than they do right now," she told People. "I can't believe how incredibly lucky we are to have found so much laughter, love, and light within each other. We're one happy WalkerSox family."

If you're interested in seeing what kind of chemistry these two have, check out two archive performances of them making beautiful music together onstage below, while Crystal cradles her young son in both clips. They certainly look like one happy WalkerSox family:

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