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Oh Canada! Adam Lambert Debuts New Song In Quebec

Lyndsey Parker
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It's a good time to be an Adam Lambert fan. And an even better time to be Adam Lambert. After months of the Glamerican Idol laying relatively low while working on his salivatingly anticipated second album, he's reared his impeccably coiffed head several times as of late. First, he ranked high on Forbes' list of top-earning "American Idol" alums. Then a lost pre-"Idol" song he recorded with electronic artist J. Scott G., "Live The Life," finally saw a commercial release. Then a teaser of his upcoming "Behind The Music" special hit the Interweb. And now a brand-new song by Adam, tentatively titled "Outlaws Of Love," has premiered, and the Interweb has unsurprisingly imploded with positive responses.

Adam performed July 29 at the St. Agathe en Feux Festival in Quebec, Canada (or is that "Glamada"?), where he crooned the previously unheard ballad for an audience of very lucky Canucks. And before the night was over, before Adam had probably even wiped off the night's eyeliner, a raw recording of the song was online and being enthusiastically traded in the Twitterverse.

"In all the things that I've been talking about over the past year, a lot of them boil down to acceptance," Adam told the howling crowd as he introduced the pensive, dust-in-the-windy tune. "And this is a song that I wrote about how it feels that no matter where you go or where you turn, sometimes it feels like you're just running from the law."

And then he blew a bunch of Québécois minds and sang this:


While it's a little difficult for me to give a proper review of this song due to all the incessant screaming (and subsequent irritated shushing that follows) throughout the video above, I'm able to make out enough over the din of Canadian cackling and impromptu marriage proposals to know that...this song is lovely. Just lovely. The spare arrangement here is obviously ideal for showcasing brooding lyrics like "scars make us who we are," "everywhere we go we're looking for the sun," and "they say we'll rot in hell, but I don't think we will." However, I am already wondering what the recorded version will sound like (since Adam said this song will for sure be on his next album), because it could go in all sorts of directions. 

Adam could definitely take this song the straightahead adult-pop route (a la his biggest hit, "Whataya Want From Me"), but of course I am excitedly imagining a bombastic recording that turns it into a full-blown, wind-blown power ballad (a la my favorite Lambert B-side, the epic "Can't Let You Go"). In fact, some of "Outlaws Of Love's" lyrics almost have an '80s stadium-ballad feel to them...and I mean that in the best possible way.

But no matter what, I'm sure Adam will be singing this song in stadiums--hopefully ones in the States--soon enough!

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