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Oh Joy! Megan Joy Releases Debut Single

Lyndsey Parker
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Megan Joy kind of lost her way on American Idol, but she gave one of my favorite auditions of last season, one that made a lasting impression on me. So regardless of what transpired after that, I always steadfastly insisted that if she were paired with the right material and right producer to bring out the smoky, Feist-y, feline qualities of her jazzy, fron-another-era voice, Megan Joy could be a serious artist.

And whaddya know [gloating alert], I was right. Today Megan debuted two new co-penned songs on her MySpace, "Feel Love" and "Incomplete," and they're both just so Megan, and oh so Joyful. Check out the new Megan music below:

"Feel Love":


Good stuff, huh? This is just another example of how American Idol doesn't always showcase contestants at their best. Unlike some of the cover songs Megan had to struggle through on Idol, these two tunes have that Lesley Gore-meets-Amy Winehouse vibe, that '60s girl-groupiness, that glass-clinking cocktail-party sophistication, that really suits Megan's unique style.

This here is something to caw-caw about!

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