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On The Scene with ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in Vegas

Lyndsey Parker
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Fans who watched "So You Think You Can Dance's" Vegas Callbacks episode Wednesday night know that the talent level has been high this season, and the judges had their work cut out for them trimming the 160 Vegas hopefuls down to the final 20. Luckily, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Adam Shankman had savvy guest judges like Tyce Diorio and Debbie Allen helping them out in Vegas this year.

I had the thrill of attending the Vegas Callbacks, where I got some time with Tyce and Debbie to chat about this year's crop of "SYTYCD" talent. And Debbie's famous "You want fame?" speech--which I managed to get her to recite for me on cue (watch till the end!)--never was more relevant than it was on that important day. These kids were truly paying in sweat.

Check out what Tyce and Debbie had to say about Season 8's Vegas talent:


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