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Oops! Blu Cantrell Is The First “Celebrity” Cut From The Circus

Lyndsey Parker
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Celebrity Circus just might be THE worst show on the air right now. Yes, even worse than A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila. (Because let's face it: Watching deluded bi-curious coeds scarf down pig genitalia to prove their devotion to a MySpace fame whore is a little more interesting than watching Christopher "Peter Brady" Knight walk a tightrope blindfolded.)

But hey, it's my job to cover these shows.

Man, I need a raise...

Anyway, the one music "celebrity" in the Celebrity Circus competition, R&B one-hit-diva Blu Cantrell, was the first to get eliminated last night...thus allowing former Rod Stewart trophy wife/supermodel/"Stacy's Mom" video vixen Rachel Hunter to hang on (literally--I mean hang on to a trapeze) for at least another week. Or until this show is cancelled mid-season. Whichever comes first.

Some might assume it was Blu's underwhelming performance last week on some Cirque Du Soleil doohickey called the Spanish Web that resulted in her literal and proverbial tumble. But it was probably her sassing back to aptly named catty judge Aurelia Cats that led to Blu's fall from grace:

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Wow, she hit 'em style, indeed. And she did have a point, really. But the American voters (um, all five of them?) apparently didn't appreciate Blu's 'tude.

Blu exited the show in true diva style last night, challenging Aurelia to a singing competition--and when NBC has another gaping hole in its programming schedule someday, I wouldn't be surprised if the network televised that, too.

Meanwhile, rumors are running all over the Interweb (as opposed to the Spanish Web) that Blu has hooked up with her hunky Celebrity Circus castmate, Antonio Sabtato Jr. And if that's true, well then, some women might argue that Blu has already nabbed the ultimate reality-show prize.

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