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Oops, They Did It Again! Jedward Win Bid To Compete At Eurovision

Lyndsey Parker
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Long before "American Idol"--before "Star Search," even--there was the Eurovision Song Contest. The United Nations of all talent competitions, held every year since 1956, Eurovision features aspiring talents from across Europe competing over five days, with each country submitting an original song to be performed on live TV. It's actually one of the most-watched non-sports broadcasts in the entire world. And it's definitely the cheesiest. The performers at Eurovision make those silly step-touch, lip-synched group numbers on "Idol" look like a Bob Dylan concert.

Seemingly untouched by time or taste, with the contestants wearing spandex 'n' sequins outfits and executing variety-show dance moves that wouldn't have been out of place during ABBA's historical 1974 Eurovision number, and singing oompa-oompa songs that wouldn't sound out of place at a Russian bar mitzvah or a Gogol Bordello concert, Eurovision is truly brain-boggling television at its finest. And this year's Eurovision is going to be even more amazing and insane, because it's just been announced that Jedward--aka John & Edward, the "double divas of Dublin" from Season 6 of "The X Factor," whom Simon Cowell once declared the worst performers of his entire reality TV career--will represent Ireland in Eurovision 2011 with their fluffy new electropop tune "Lipstick."

This result, announced after a televised singoff Friday night on Ireland's "Late Late Show," was apparently a polarizing one--audible boos emanated from the audience, prompting the host to sternly ask spectators to clam up and show the boys some respect and "let them have their moment." But the always happy-go-plucky twins remained unfazed. "It's going to be exciting, amazing, full-on," they raved. "We just want to do well and bring the title back to Ireland."

I personally predict that my boys are going to do the Emerald Isle proud. At the very least, they'll probably have the best hair at Eurovision.

Eurovision takes place in Germany on May 12, with Jedward first having to pass the semifinals round. All I want to know is, can Americans vote in this thing? If not, I might have to book me a ticket to Dusseldorf this spring--and apply for Irish citizenship.

Watch Jedward perform their awesomely over-the-top Eurovision entry "Lipstick" here:

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