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Paul McDonald Gives Back: The Grand Magnolias’ Japan Charity Song

Lyndsey Parker
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Current "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald isn't waiting until this season's "Idol Gives Back" special to help out a cause near and dear to his tattooed heart. Hhe and his Nashville band, the Grand Magnolias, have just released a charity single to benefit victims of the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami, inspired by the brave Hurricane Katrina victims of New Orleans.

"Paul McDonald & The Grand Magnolias present a brand-new song written as an ode to the place we love and have played many times, 'New Orleans,'" the Magnolias explain on their website. "The song was inspired after watching the Katrina disaster unfold and being inspired by the fighting resilience of the city...This song is an ode to a city we have grown to love. After years of shows in New Orleans, we have watched it rebuild and triumph over tragedy. We hope others will help Japan do the same."

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"New Orleans" will be available for download exclusively starting today, April 5, at One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the song will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Good music and a good cause, too. Well, isn't that grand?

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