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Paula Abdul Returns To Singing! Sort Of.

Lyndsey Parker
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Following the unfortunate flop of her CBS reality show "Live To Dance" and still-unsubstantiated rumors that she will be a judge on "The X Factor USA," Paula Abdul is surprisingly returning to pop music as a guest vocalist on "So Free," the debut single by a Finnish electronic duo called Shine 2009.

Shine 2009 - So Free (feat. Paula Abdul) by CASCINE

"Paula Abdul, who appears as a friend of Cascine and a fan of Shine 2009, is perfectly placed in the sonic era where she made her biggest mark on pop music," boasts a press release issued by Cascine Records about the breezy, '90s-esque club song. "Brushing the track with vocals that evoke a warm smile and a knowing nod of the head, 'So Free' is as instantaneous as it is undeniable."

Well, "brushing" is right. Paula's voice is barely perceptible in the Shine 2009 mix, which is a little disappointing; and if she hadn't received billing on this track, I would have never guessed it was her. (She's also not in the video below, nor is MC Skat Cat, which is a bummer.) That being said, I think it's a shrewd move for Paula to embrace her late-'80s/early-'90s club-diva roots. This song is certainly edgier and cooler than her last two musical attempts, "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" and "I'm Just Here For The Music," and it wouldn't sound out of place at some fabulous gay bar or afterhours Ibiza disco.

So, straight up, what do you think? Do you think Paula shines on her new song with Shine 2009?

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