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Pia Toscano Heats Up The Beach In Sexy “This Time” Video

Lyndsey Parker
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I suppose it's no newsflash or big shocker that "American Idol" diva Pia Toscano looks good in her music video debut, "This Time." She has always been a pretty girl. But...dang. Pia looks REALLY good here.

Although I never found fault with Pia's easy-on-the-ears vocals or easy-on-the-eyes face, I also never quite thought that she came across as a STAR. I always believed something--that elusive "X factor," as Simon Cowell would put it--was just missing with Pia. She always flatlined onstage for me, never really brought the fire. But when I watched her "This Time" video, for the first time, I finally saw the makings of a true pop star. Pia still has a ways to go, but she's made leaps and bounds from her "Idol" days of just planting herself in front of a microphone in a floor-length pageant dress, statue-still except for some occasional awkward arm-flailing.

As Pia frolics on a beach in her new video, sporting mermaid hair, bare legs, kohl-rimmed smoky eyes, and not much else, there's no denying she commands the viewer's attention as she never has before. She emotes, she keeps the arm-waving to a minimum...and did I mention she looks goooood? There's even a sand-sprinting scene, a la Bo Derek in 10, that I'm sure even male viewers who aren't fans of her music might enjoy with the sound turned down.

But I prefer watching with the volume turned up, because this video is actually making me like the song a little more than when I first heard it and unenthusiastically shrugged. Check out "This Time" below and see if you think Pia's time has finally arrived.

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