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‘Platinum Hit’ Releases A Song That Actually Sounds Like A Platinum Hit

Lyndsey Parker
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Kara DioGuardi and Jewel's reality-TV songwriting competition on Bravo, "Platinum Hit," isn't exactly garnering "Project Runway"- or "Real Housewives"-style ratings, but some really impressive music has come out of its three little-seen episodes. It's too bad more people aren't being exposed some of the contestants' fantastic original songs. These talented kids deserve to be heard.

Case in point: This week's "Home For Me," a bittersweet ballad written as part of this week's road trip-themed challenge by Jes Hudak (who came up with the main hook) with Melissa Rapp and Amber Ojeda. The song is simply gorgeous. Goosepimply. It even thawed out Kara's icy heart, and guest judge Natasha Bedingfield said she could imagine herself singing it.

Watch Jes, Melissa, and Amber's full performance of "Home For Me" below. You might like it so much, you'll tune into "Platinum Hit" next Monday to see (and hear) what you're missing.

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