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Prince Poppycock Spreads His Wings in ‘AGT’ Comeback Performance

Lyndsey Parker
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Wednesday night I grieved as my favorite "America's Got Talent" contestant this season, and one of the few "AGT" contestants who had made this season even slightly exciting--that fabulous and fierce piano showman, Gaga-worshipper, and Trevor Project posterboy, Daniel Joseph Baker--was spirit-crushingly voted off. (Apparently it does not always get better, at least not when it comes to "AGT.") That was the bad news. But on the plus side, easing my pain and restoring much-needed fabulosity to the episode was the return of pantalooned, powdered-wigged wonder Prince Poppycock, aka "AGT's" most exciting contestant OF ALL TIME.

Yes, the great glam "fopera" singer, who thrilled "AGT" audiences last year with his rhapsodic "Bohemian Rhapsody," star-and-sequin-spangled "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (emphasis on "Dandy"), and disco-ballsy Donna Summer duet, returned to "AGT" this week to hold court, and his performance of the old Muse-popularized standard "Feeling Good" was a thrill to behold. Bedecked in splendiferous white plumage, the good Prince strutted the stage like a gorgeous, glamorous albino peacock. It was so very nice to see my old feathered friend again.

Poppycock-a-doodle-doo, indeed! Now, can we just get Prince Poppycock and Daniel Joseph Baker to tour on a double bill? Birds of a fabulous feather should flock together, after all.

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