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Randy Jackson Talks ‘American Idol’ Season 9

Lyndsey Parker
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It seems like American Idol season 8 ended just the other day, and with last season's Idols staying squarely in the public consciousness due to their successful summer tour and slew of new fall albums (Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and Allison Iraheta all excitingly release their debuts in the coming month), it's hard to comprehend that in just two months, a whole new season of Idol will kick off. But it's true, so when AmIdol judge Randy Jackson recently stopped by the Yahoo! offices, naturally I tried to pump him for as much info as possible about season 9:

So...will there be a Wild Card round? A Judges' Save? What has it been like without Paula Abdul? How did the guest judges fare? How will Ellen DeGeneres fit in? Will Hollywood Week be full of drama? Will a girl win this time? And what exactly are the judges looking for? Well, Randy was tight-lipped about some of these issues, but he's obviously no shy and retiring type, so it didn't take too much to get the dawg barking--as evidenced from our interview above.

Get ready for American Idol season 9!

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