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Ready, Set, Dance!: Webisode 6

Lyndsey Parker
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Reality Rocks has covered dance shows for many seasons, and now Yahoo! Music has its own reality dance show, "Ready, Set, Dance!," for my blogging delight.

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"Ready, Set, Dance!" is an original dance competition series, in which two amateur-dancer contestants are warned that they will get a random phone call at any place, any time, from "RSD!" hostess Adrienne Bailon (of 3LW/Cheetah Girls fame), ordering them to break into a dance routine on the spot, while bystanders wonder WTH is going on. These dancers have no idea when that call will come in, but once it does, they have to get their groove on, no matter where they are at that precise moment. Viewers then hoof it over to to vote for their preferred contestant of the week, who is awarded a cool 10,000 bucks.

This week's contenders make for the closest competition on "RSD!" so far. First up is raver/popper Zeehan, who displays his self-christened "liquid illusion" dance style in the middle of rush-hour Manhattan foot traffic and shows off some pretty awesome foot traffic of his own. Zeehan is up against bootyshaking wildman Gerald, who flaunts some ice-cool moves in the middle of a NYC ice cream binge.

In any lesser "RSD!" week, either dancer would have a sure shot of collecting that oversized $10K novelty check from Adrienne. At first my vote totally went to Zeehan, whose triple-jointed backbend to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" was impressive indeed. But then I saw Gerald do his thang, and it turned out Zeehan's routine could be touched. In the end, I had to give the slight edge to Gerald, since he was so willing to sacrifice his ice cream cone in order to win. The ice cream man melted his competition here.

So my vote goes to Gerald this week. But it's really any man's game, and ultimately it is up to you, voters. Watch both contestants below, then go to to vote for who you think should dance into the sunset with the $10K prize.


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