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Reality Flashback: ‘House Of Carters’

Lyndsey Parker
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Tonight, tween heartthrob-turned-bad boy Aaron Carter was unshockingly eliminated from Dancing With The Stars. Now, I am sure there are some Aaron fans out there who were saddened that Aaron's "'90s-style" salsa had ultimately been no match for the totally awesome Adam Ant-inspired, Dead Or Alive-soundtracked '80s paso doble by the awesomely warpainted Donny Osmond, and who were bummed to see Aaron leave the show so soon.

Not me. The way I see it, Aaron's exit means he now has time to answer his true reality-TV calling: starring in a second season of the Best Reality Show Of All Time, E!'s House Of Carters.

A short-lived 2006 series depicting pop music's most dysFUNctional family, every House Of Carters episode centered on "sensible" elder brother Nick Carter, of Backstreet Boys fame, attempting to tutor his errant, ADD-afflicted younger sibling in such important life lessons as "Don't Date Paris Hilton," "Don't Subsist On A Diet Of Flaming Cheetos And Everclear," and "Don't Attempt To Record Rap Music." (Unfortunately, "Don't Go On Dancing With The Stars" was not one of these lessons, although maybe it should have been.) And on every episode, Aaron refused to heed his brother's advice; a spaghetti-tossing/fist-flying brawl ensued; and then the bros would conveniently hug it out and make up right around the 29-minute mark.

It was just like a sitcom, only much, much funnier:

HoC was so hilarious, in fact, that its parody version on Saturday Night Live was almost indiscernible from the actual E! show:

So now that Aaron's DWTS obligations are officially over, I am hoping--nay, praying--that E! gets a long-overdue second season of HoC into production, pronto. Aaron Carter may not be any good at ballroom dancing, but he undoubtedly still makes for good TV.

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