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Reality Flashback: Lady GaGa On SYTYCD

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Last year, I praised a So You Think Can Dance results-show performance by a then-relatively unknown pop diva named Lady GaGa. I was going positively gaga for this albino-wigged, Crystal Carrington-shoulderpadded, Jane Fonda-leotarded, lightning-bolt-faced, LCD-spectacled show-woman, and I predicted big things for her.

See my original blog here.

However, judging from the message board activity that evening way back in July, my readers did not share my gaga enthusiasm for GaGa. Comments included:

"Lady GaGa???????That's a lady??? My, how times have changed. It's no wonder the 'kids' are all screwed up these days with something like that to look up to. Terrible, and she can't even sing. WEIRD. She made me want to VOMIT. I hope SYTYCD gets better, or should I say, normal guests next season. That was really disgusting."

"Thank God I have a DVR...that was just too strange for me..."

"Katy Perry was better then Lady GaGa, she is no David Bowie."

"Miss GaGa is something I have to get use to. There is a whole new world of singers and music out there and I'm taking it one song at a time."

"I'm glad I am not the only one that thought Lady Gag Gag (Ga Ga) was bad."

Well...HA! Take that, haters. Never doubt my talent-scouting abilities again! Lady GaGa just received a platinum plaque (from Perez Hilton, no less)--for a whopping 3 MILLION DOWNLOADS sold of "Just Dance"--onstage last Friday at her sold-out show in L.A. And Mark Kanemura, one of last season's So You Think Can Dance standout finalists, was there in the audience!

So below is a flashback to Miss GaGa's polarizing performance from last year, just so any doubters can rewatch and realize how very, very wrong they were about the lovely Lady.

It's the perfect anthem for the show, of course, with a great delivery, of course...but perhaps I enjoy this clip most for its message at the beginning, which probably should be the new subheader on my blog's title:

"Pop music will never be low-brow."

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