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Reality Flashback: Teddy Geiger Hops On The Partridge Family Bus

Lyndsey Parker
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Impossibly cute singer-songwriting boy wonder Teddy Geiger's new movie, The Rocker, comes out this week. In it, he is once again typecast as, well, a rocker. What else?

See, this isn't the first time Teddy has portrayed a fictional musician--you may remember him as promising young troubadour Wayne Jensen on the short-lived TV dramedy Love Monkey--but I'll personally always think of him as the boy who tried to fill the purple velveteen bellbottom suit of another fictional pop star, Keith Partridge.

Yes, four years ago Teddy was a finalist on the somewhat self-explanatorily titled In Search Of The Partridge Family--an American Idol-style, ill-advised televised talent hunt for a new Keith, Laurie, Danny, and Shirley (and, presumably, the other two Partridges) to star in a VH1 remake of the classic '70s sitcom.

I think Teddy would have made a fine Keith 2.0, really. He certainly had the non-threateningly dreamboat Tiger Beat looks that got original Keith (and In Search Of The Partridge Family host/judge) David Cassidy's face plastered across every tween girl's bedroom, school locker, and lunchbox circa 1974. But it's probably for the best that Teddy didn't win, since the revamped Partridge Family sitcom was cancelled right after the pilot aired (heck, at least Love Monkey lasted eight episodes). And since the show's cancellation, the "Keith" picked by America's voters, Leland Grant, has merely "remained in the Los Angeles area performing in clubs and doing various commercial work," according to his underwhelming Internet Movie Database mini-bio.

Meanwhile, Teddy has since made music videos in which he gets to make out with a soaking-wet Kristin Cavallari in a pool, and movies like The Rocker in which his hot real-life girlfriend Emma Stone plays his bandmate and the equally hot Christina Applegate plays his cougar mom. For Teddy, this all brings new meaning to the Partridge catchphrase, "C'mon, get happy!"

So in honor of The Rocker's theatrical release (along with its Geiger-heavy soundtrack), I've dug deep down to Teddy's reality roots and unearthed this TV clip of him performing back in his In Search Of The Partridge Family era. Enjoy:

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