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Reality Rocks’ Official Pick For ‘The Sing-Off’s’ For Season 3 Champ

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Like many people, if ratings are anything to go by, I am kind of over "The Sing-Off." It should have just remained a cutesy two-week lark during the Christmas season, instead of becoming a full-fledged series. Oh well. There's really only two reasons I still watch this show: Ben Folds, one of the greatest reality TV judges ever, and Pentatonix, who should win next week. If Pentatonix DON'T win, in fact, I believe "The Sing-Off" will be doomed and will never get a fourth season, since the show will lose all credibility.

Last night, Pentatonix advanced to the finale, along with the wacky boys of Dartmouth Aires and "rap-a-pella" artists Urban Method. These are exactly the three groups that needed to be in the finale...but only Penatonix truly deserve to win. Throughout the season, they have shown innovation, spunk, creativity, and even the potential to compete in the pop marketplace (unlike past winners Nota and Committed, who haven't exactly set the charts on fire since their wins). Their "Video Killed The Radio Star" performance was arguably the best number in "Sing-Off" history, but really, none of their performances have disappointed. Along with Ben Folds, Pentatonix have actually managed to make a cappella seem cool, and for that alone, they deserve the big prize.

Below are the performances that landed Pentatonix in the finale--and the performances that viewers will, for the first time this season, base their votes upon. Will Pentatonix win the big prize next Monday? They better...or it'll be like TV killed the a cappella star.

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