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Reality Rocks’ Premature Pick To Win ‘The Voice’

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

While her screentime on "The Voice" has been limited to a short clip of her singing Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," contestant Casey Desmond has already intrgued me. The flame-haired, face-painted, award-garnering synthpop goddess--who is on Adam Levine's team along with Jeff Jenkins, Rebecca Loebe, Javier Colon, Devon Barley, Casey Weston, and Angela Wolff--has just released a new video, "Talking To God," and I have to say, based on this clip, she is much more interesting than most of the contestants on "American Idol" this year.

If only we could see Gaga mentor Casey this week...

I hope Adam chooses wisely when he selects Casey's opponent for her upcoming Battle Round. The new "Voice" previews reveal that fan favorite Javier Colon will be going up against Angela "Cannon Fodder" Wolff, but remaining team members Rebecca Loebe and Jeff Jenkins are stiff competition. So I'm hoping that Adam pits Casey against vocally challenged med student Devon Barley (Team Levine's weakest link), because I'd really like to see Casey rock the "Voice" stage on the live shows.

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