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Reality Rocks’ WLER Idol Interview

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

So Friday morning I woke up at the ungawdly hour 5:45am Pacific time to do a phone interview with Jay Kline--the morning DJ at WLER All Hitz Radio in Pittsburgh, and a fellow American Idol obsessive--about this week's big AmIdol developments.

Yes, it was early, but I was already as hyper and pumped-up as Paula Abdul after her morning pills. Because come on, who could sleep after Thursday night's announcement of the top THIRTEEN?

While Jay and I differed on the subject of Anoop "Dogg" Desai (I expressed love for Anoop, and Jay, well, he was just wrong), we concurred on most other matters (the greatness of Adam Lambert, the overratedness of Michael Sarver, the certifiable craziness of Tatiana Del Toro, and the dancey awkwardness of Megan Corkrey, for starters).

As for Anoop, we just agreed to disagree. Overall, it was a pretty Idolicious way to start my morning.

Listen to my entire WLER interview HERE!

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