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Reason For Glee: Hear Kris Allen’s Co-Write For Matthew Morrison!

Lyndsey Parker
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In an exciting instance of Fox Network synergy, the new single off "Glee" heartthrob Matthew Morrison's upcoming debut solo album is actually a co-write by..."American Idol" heartthrob Kris Allen!

The sweeping pop ballad was penned by Kris with Steve Kipner and Andrew Frampton (who co-wrote "Live Like We're Dying" with Irish band the Script, a remake of which later became Kris's first single; try to keep up here). Matthew's "Still Got Tonight" reminds me a bit of a couple tracks Kris co-wrote for his own album ("Before We Come Undone" and "Bring It Back," mostly), although Matthew's puzzlingly angst-free delivery makes me wonder what the song would've sounded like if Kris had kept it for himself. Perhaps we will hear a version by Kris someday?

Either way, this is a coup for Kris...and, I suppose, for Fox. Now all that's missing is getting this song into Stacey Tookey's hands, so she can choreograph a "So You Think You Can Dance" routine to it.


Download "Still Got Tonight" here

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