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Rebecca Black, OK Go, Tay Zonday & Keenan Cahill Perform For ‘AGT’ YouTube Week

Lyndsey Parker
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This week was YouTube week on "America's Got Talent," with an assortment of viral video wannabes, including a skateboarding bulldog, vying for a spot in the semifinals. (Spoiler: The dog didn't make it. Kindly post your protests on the message board below). None of these YouTubers were quite as impressive as last year's big "AGT" online discovery, a little girl you may have heard about named Jackie Evancho. And many of them will probably go back to their bedrooms and their flipcams, forgotten by everyone but their most devoted YouTube channel subscribers. But maybe all is not lost for them: The viral video stars who guest-performed on this week's "AGT" results show could give them hope that a lasting career may still be just a mouse-click away.

Those performers were Rebecca Black, whose main talent seems to be milking the sudden fame stemming from the accidental success of "Friday" (which, ironically, she pulled from YouTube weeks ago); lip-synching teen Keenan Cahill; Tay Zonday, who'd I'd actually totally forgotten about, but whose "Chocolate Rain" will now be lodged in my brain for another four years; and OK Go, a legitimately good powerpop combo now more famous for viral videos, who will forever be known as the "treadmill band" even if their next album is a Sgt. Pepper-esque masterpiece.

Aside from OK Go, none of the other performers were very good--I'm sure trigger-fingered Piers Morgan was dying to hit that red-X button of his--and it was a relief that their 15 minutes of fame were only slightly extended by "AGT" (even Rebecca's performance only clocked in at 90 seconds). But OK Go's performance, with the Pilobolus dance company, was so great, I'm sure plenty of people will be looking it up on YouTube later.

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