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Results Show Recap: American Idol Now Scott-Free

Lyndsey Parker
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Yep, just call me Miss Cleo. Last night I predicted that Anoop Desai, Lil' Rounds, and Scott MacIntyre would be in American Idol's bottom three. And I held fast to my projections, despite's forecasting that Kris Allen would in fact be going home this week.

Well, guess what? It was announced early on in tonight's American Idol results show that Kris was safe...and my bottom-three prophecy turned out to be 100 percent correct! THREE FOR THREE!

And I correctly predicted the last-place loser as well! Woo-hoo! But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm too busy gloating. Sorry. Let me talk about Kris for a sec...

Now, I do think Kris actually deserved to sweat a little bit after his guitar-wanky cover of that ill-advised Don Henley dud this week--so I kind of wished that he'd had to wait a little longer to learn his fate. It would have lit a fire under him, maybe. But Kris was not the worst this week, and he ultimately didn't deserve to go home instead of the identity-crisis-stricken Anoop and Lil', or the utterly floundering Scott. My predictions this week weren't just based on how I thought America WOULD vote, but on how I thought America SHOULD vote.

So good job, America, for getting it right this time. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Of course, unlike Kris, the bottom three did have to sweat it out through almost an hour's worth of time-killing filler before they learned their own fates. For instance, there was a surprise performance by '50s idol Frankie Avalon, singing "Venus" from 1959, the year of Simon Cowell's birth. (Scoff if you want, but hey, I think it's awesome that AmIdol educates younger viewers about music from waaaay before their time. And I must say, Simon looks pretty good for a half-centenarian!)

There was also a typically trainwrecky and tone-deaf group singalong of Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" that, well, I'll be trying very hard to get out of my head for the rest of the night.

Then Flo Rida, whose live voice wasn't much better than Kanye West's a few weeks back, performed "Right Round" (the chick singing with him could blow, though--she put Lil' Rounds to shame!).

And finally, season 5 alum Kellie "What's A Ballsy?" Pickler returned to the Idol stage, looking like quite a minx in her form-fitting cocktail frock and flirting with Simon throughout her performance--so much so that when party-planners are searching for someone to serenade Simon, Marilyn Monroe-style, at his upcoming 50th birthday bash, they might want to consider hiring Kellie.

But this was all leading up to the big results announcement. Despite the fact that Lil' Rounds had been disappointing all season long, never living up to her supposed early promise, she still seemed like the first chopping-block contestant this season who actually had a real shot of inspiring Simon, Kara, Randy, and Paula to break that in-case-of-emergency glass behind which their mysterious Judges' Save card is presumably preserved. (Simon said as much tonight: that only one of this week's bottom three had a shot at redemption. I am pretty sure he meant Lil'.)

See, Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murray were merely being humored when they performed one last time in their vain attempts to be saved; Alexis Grace was cut too early in the season to establish herself as someone worth saving; and Megan Corkrey didn't even get a shot at singing for her supper, she was such a lost cause. Rounds actually had a chance of being saved tonight--after all, the judges can only exercise their veto power until the top 5, and the season is already down to the top 8, so time is running out.

But then Ryan Seacrest told Lil' that she could go back to the couch, and it came down to the bottom two: Anoop and Scott.

Obviously, that Judges' Save was going to remain under glass for at least another week...

So the person that I thought should, and would, come in last this week was indeed Scott MacIntyre. He reprised his "The Search Is Over" performance from this week, and now that he didn't even have a guitar to hide behind (let alone his comfort-zone piano), he was even worse than he was last night. "How can I convince you that what you see is real?" he crooned. But there was probably NO convincing the judges that he deserved to stay, especially after he ear-bleedingly hit--or should I say MISSED?--the big note that the end of his doomed, overambitious power ballad. More like "The Show Is Over"--for Scott, at least, it most certainly was.

I actually felt the judges unfairly strung Scott along after all that, giving him false hope that the Judges' Save might be used on him after all. Simon told Scott that the judging panel was split--two people wanting him to stay, two wanting him to go--and Scott subsequently kinda/sorta started to beg, disturbingly saying, "I know I can please you next week, Simon!" Poor fellow. I don't really think the judges ever really, genuinely considered keeping Scott, but I do think they knew making him squirm for a few minutes would make for good TV. This was just wrong. Scott totally did not deserve to stay in this race, but he didn't deserve such callous treatment, either.

But as Paula said tonight, Scott is "one classy gentleman." So when Simon finally and coldly announced, "It's the end of the road for you," Scott handled the news with his usual grace. (Though he did look pretty disappointed.) I've never been a fan of Scott, musically, but he seems like a good guy. This competition simply was not right for him. I suggest he get a band together, and he get back behind his piano...and he may just have a career after all. Maybe.

Parker out.

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