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Run For The Hills, AGAIN! Heidi Montag Has Made A New Video

Lyndsey Parker
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Man, what did the poor people of Mexico, and of North America in general, do to deserve this horrific blackout plague?

No, I don't mean the Swine Flu. That's old news. I'm talking about something much more viral (pun intended) and seemingly more unstoppable: The Speidi Flu.

Scarily, the Speidi pandemic has elevated to new threat levels this week. Only days after Spencer Pratt debuted his first "hip-hop" single on Ryan Seacrest's morning show, his wife--now billing herself as Heidi Pratt--has released another music video, "Blackout." Apparently the viral video was lensed by Spencer (the very same Scorcese-esque directorial genius behind Heidi's infamous camcorder "Higher" vid) while they were recently honeymooning in Cabo San Lucas.

Yes, the newlyweds and Hills/I'm A Celebrity co-"stars" actually risked Swine Flu infection in order to carry on with their honeymoon last month as planned. And unfortunately, they didn't let the threat of contagious, piggish disease stop them from shooting Heidi's on-location "Blackout" video, either.

So Speidi safely returned from their Mexican dream vacation not transmitting any sort of pork germs, but transmitting a new video that will probably viewers on both sides of the border feeling sick to their stomachs.

"Blackout" is basically "Higher 2.0" with a slightly bigger budget--i.e., a wider-ranging wardrobe of Cabo Wabo bikinis (including what seems to be the same staple pink two-piece from "Higher") and a single penned by actual talented pro songsmith Cathy Dennis (who's written or co-written genuinely good pop hits for Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, and Britney Spears). But Cathy is clearly saving her best material for her A-list clients, and Heidi is clearly saving her money to expand her personal swimwear collection rather than hire a real video director or take vocal lessons (or lip-synch lessons, for that matter--her miming is really OFF here).

Pass the penicillin and click below to watch:

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