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Run For The Hills, Again! Heidi Montag Records Two New Songs

Lyndsey Parker
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We all remember when Hills starlet Heidi Montag attempted to launch a pop music career last year. Yes, she filled out her pink bikini quite nicely in her video for debut single "Higher"...but otherwise, the results were NOT pretty.

Click on this blog to watch "Higher" and browse through the 8,286 or so comments, about which 8,285 were scathingly negative.

The comments were sooooo negative, in fact, that they reduced Spencer's arguably-better half to tears (at least that's what appeared to be the case, judging from a seemingly tastefully staged photo shoot in which Heidi wept openly on a Beverly Hills sidewalk, accessorized with a Kitson-worthy metallic biker jacket and perfectly placed streaks of DiorShow mascara).

But Heidi is NOT a quitter--anyone who's followed her tenacious if misguided onscreen attempts to maintain her doomed love affair with Spencer Pratt knows this. So she intrepidly returned to the studio...and emerged this month with not one but TWO new songs, "Your Love Found Me" and "Look How I'm Doin'."

I'll refrain from offering my own commentary, of course, for fear of making Heidi bawl all over again. But please don't let that stop you from posting your own brutally honest critiques on the messageboard below, after listening to the tracks.

Tell Heidi how she's doin'!

Heidi Montag: "Your Love Found Me"  

Heidi Montag: "Look How I'm Doin' "  


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