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Run For The Hills! Heidi Montag Has A New Song!

Lyndsey Parker
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Just when you thought it was safe to go on the Interweb...she's BAAA-AAACK!

Heidi Montag is back, that is. Apparently the Hills starlet took a break from sobbing over all the low-blow comments her "Higher" video received, picked herself up by her Manolo straps, and dared to record another song. A song ironically titled "No More."

Heidi is one brave girl.

While "No More" is unlikely to win any Grammys or wind up on any best-of critics' lists, I am relieved to report that it is better than "Higher." MUCH better. Not that that's saying much, of course. But really, it's considerably more listenable. Guess the wonders of ProTools will never cease.

So fire up Heidi's new song below--and if you are so inclined, close your eyes and imagine her flailing on a beach in a pink bikini, if that makes the overall listening experience more bearable:


Oh, and while you're at it, since Heidi and her beau Spencer Pratt are apparently masochists, they're actually encouraging listeners to call them and let them know what they really think of "No More." Seriously. You can ring Heidi at (310) 220-0244 or Spencer at (310) 220-0215 and let it rip.

Just be specific when you make your comments, people--because if you holler, "No more! No more!" into the phone line, Speidi might think you're just cheering for their new single with joy...

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