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Sanjaya Comes At You Fast

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Oh, Sanjaya Malakar, I've missed you so. Your creative hairdos that belong more on Shear Genius than on American Idol, the way you can destroy a perfectly good Kinks song like nobody else, your ability to make little Ashley Ferl cry on cue...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

The answer is, apparently Sanj has been shooting his own Kevin Federline-esque "Life Comes At You Fast" commercial for Nationwide Insurance. Except his commercial is waaay better than K-Fed's. He's wearing a fauxhawk! And trying to act! And singing! Kind of!

Somewhere out there in TV Land, Ashley Ferl is crying next to her plasma screen:

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Welcome back, Sanjaya. Now all I need is for Danny Noriega to get his own Nationwide ad and I'll be weeping tears of joy, too...

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