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Season 6 Idol Chris Richardson Finally Cashes In

Lyndsey Parker
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Considering how "American Idol" voter demographics have skewed in favor of cute young male contestants over the past few seasons, I can't help but wonder if Chris Richardson, whom Simon Cowell once likened to Justin Timberlake, would have fared if he'd tried out for the show later on. Chris placed fifth in Season 6--the last season when a girl, Jordin Sparks, won "Idol"--but if he and buddy/fellow S6 heartthrob Blake Lewis had competed in any later season, they probably would have squared off in the finale, in the ultimate "Idol" boy battle.

But sometimes good things come to those who wait. More than four years after his "Idol" elimination, Chris is the featured vocalist on Cash Money recording artist Tyga's single "Far Away," and the song is a bona fide hit. As of this writing, it's at number four on Billboard's Bubbling Under The Hot 100 chart, making it Chris's first Billboard charting. Chris has also signed to Cash Money himself, with a debut solo album in the works for 2011.

Check out Tyga's "Far Away" featuring Chris Richardson below. Are you excited for Chris's long-overdue first album?

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