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See ‘The X Factor’s’ Dexter Haygood Party Like It’s 1984

Lyndsey Parker
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This, people. THIS!!!

In case you are confused and have no idea who Dexter Haygood or Xavion are, the former is the 49-year-old, homeless-yet-fabulous, Memphis funk-rocker who auditioned for "The X Factor" this week and bizarrely, against all odds, made it through. And Xavion is the Prince-ly band he fronted in the '80s, a band that put out one glam/disco/rock/soul/new wave/whatever album in the awesome year of 1984.

Xavion's album was awesomely titled Burnin' Hot, its lead single was equally awesomely called "Eat Your Heart Out," and the band toured with the awesome Hall & Oates. Twenty-seven years later, Dexter looks about the same, and even appears to be rocking the same space-funkateer wardrobe.

And that is why Dexter Haygood is awesome. So Team Dexter for the win on "The X(avion) Factor." He's my type:

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