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Silenced Lauren Alaina Conducts Press Conference With Pen & Paper

Lyndsey Parker
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Last night on "American Idol," Lauren Alaina almost didn't get to compete against Scotty McCreery in the final showdown, when she lost her voice during rehearsal and had to seek medical treatment. This health scare was milked for all it was worth, of course, with a doctor coming out onstage at the start of the episode to dramatically grant Lauren official permission to go on with the show. But once the show was over, it was time for Lauren to give people the silent treatment.

Lauren was back on voice rest once she'd performed her three songs, so when she came backstage last night after the show, she answered reporters' questions with a little help from her interpreter (Scotty), plus a notepad and pen. Writing down her answers, Scotty read them aloud, in a cute act of teamwork. Cutest of all? When one journalist asked Scotty if he was going to heed Jennifer Lopez's suggestion that he shave his head, Lauren wrote "NO" in big block letters and held it up for everyone to see.

Watch Scotty and Lauren's semi-silent press conference below:

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