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Simon Cowell on Why a Girl Will Win ‘X Factor’…and Why He’s Not On Twitter

Lyndsey Parker
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This week it was announced that, in an unprecedented and rather genius move, "The X Factor" will host online voting on Twitter. Which begs the question....why is Simon Cowell not on Twitter yet? With Charlie Sheen and Kanye West even signed up, and fellow L.A. Reid recently coming on board, Simon seems like the lone holdout. And we all know if he got on Twitter, he'd probably accrue a million followers in, like, a day.

"I can't type fast enough. Even when I text, I'm still using two fingers...I need to learn how to type like I talk, otherwise it doesn't sound like me," Simon explained to me at Tuesday night's first live "X Factor" show.

So, if Simon were on Twitter, and if he'd been live-tweeting Tuesday night, what sort of random thoughts would have made it out of his flat-topped head and onto his TweetDeck? That's what I asked Simon backstage, and among his sample suggested "tweets" were:

"L.A.'s uncomfortable"

"I want to go have and a cigarette"

"I wish my girls were coming on quicker"

"What was Nicole thinking with Dexter?"

As for our actual real-life conversation, Simon discussed his controversial "the talent has arrived!" statement about his girls; the contestants in the other groups that he thinks pose the biggest threat to Melanie, Rachel, and Drew; and why he thinks one of his girls can win "The X Factor" in an age when almost all reality singing champions are male.

"I know what I'm doing," he told me. Of course he did.

Check out what Simon said below:

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