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Simon Cowell Witnesses The “Best Audition Ever”?

Lyndsey Parker
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This weekend The X Factor--the British version of American Idol, basically, and the show that spawned Leona Lewis--premiered in the U.K., switching to the even more dramatic live-audition format of Simon Cowell's other big across-the-pond reality hit, Britain's Got Talent. And auditioning Saturday night, non-coincidentally in the all-important "pimp slot," was hunky and likable schoolteacher Danyl Johnson. And this teacher gave an A+ performance, for sure.

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How good was Danyl? Well, he managed to accomplish the unthinkable: Danyl not only made Simon Cowell smile, but he inspired Simon to give him a standing ovation...AND Simon even declared Danyl's audition (of the Joe Cocker version of "With A Little Help From My Friends") "the single best first audition I have ever heard."

Yes, you read that right: THE. BEST. EVER.


Blimey. Okay, yeah, that was good. Bloody good. No wonder the Susan Boyle-level hype has already begun in Britain, even though only one episode of this year's X Factor season has aired so far. "Future star" Danyl is already tipped to win the entire series, and the U.K. tabloids are already lurching into overdrive, running articles speculating about his lovelife, his sexuality, and his supposed crushes on the X Factor judges.

It's no wonder Danyl is garnering so much attention, with an incredible audition like that and high praise from the normally less-than-sycophantic Simon. But Simon might want to dial it down just a bit if he wants Danyl to make it all the way to the end. After all, he should remember how his blatant fawning fatigued a nation of skeptical viewers and eventually caused his former American Idol favorites, David Archuleta and Adam Lambert, to wind up in second place.

However, that being said...if Danyl keeps singing like he did Saturday night, it might be hard for Simon to maintain his usual prickly persona.

Do you think Danyl Johnson's X Factor performance was the "best audition ever"? Feel free to share your thoughts--or your own favorite past reality auditions--on the messageboard here. My personal favorite audition, actually, is the one HERE...although, come to think of it, I can totally imagine Danyl killing it on that ballad...

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