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Snake Of Eden + Lady Gaga = Best Video Ever

Lyndsey Parker
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Earlier this season, I lamented Daisy De La Hoya's bubbleheaded decision to eliminate Swedish-triplet bachelors '84, '85, and '86--aka Rock, Kelii, and Izzy of the Hollywood hair-metal band Snake Of Eden--on the very first episode of her trainwrecky VH1 Celebreality dating show, Daisy Of Love. The show's been careening steadily downhill ever since the triplets split the scene. But it figures that Daisy didn't want to keep anyone around who was much, much prettier or blonder than herself.

Well, while I eagerly await the inevitable premiere of a new VH1 spinoff show called Snake Of Love (dang, I might even answer the casting call for that one), I am happy to report that Daisy's loss is Lady Gaga's gain. Lady Gaga just made the genius cross-promotional career move of casting all three Snake Of Eden pretty-boy rockers in her amazing and controversial new "Paparazzi" video, which was lensed by another awesome Swede, video genius Jonas Akerlund (the Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up," Madonna's "Ray Of Light," Primal Scream's "Country Girl").

The video is dark and disturbing and weird and totally kitchen-sinky and at times borders on paraplegic porn (just watch it, it's hard to explain...but seriously, it's soooo intense and fabulous and freaky). But somehow Snake Of Eden manage to not get upstaged in the middle of it all, during their ménage a quatre makeout scene with the Lady herself:

From trying to win Daisy De La Hoya's heart on basic cable to couch-canoodling with Lady Gaga in a multimillion-dollar music video? Um, I call that an UPGRADE!

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