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So He Thinks He Can’t Dance: Alex Wong Injured Again, Unable To Be ‘SYTYCD’ Allstar

Lyndsey Parker
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Alex Wong was the early breakout star of "So You Think You Can Dance" last year; his "Outta Your Mind" hip-hop routine with allstar Twitch (which just earned an Emmy nomination) and "Hallelujah" contemporary with allstar Allison Holker are still considered to be two of the best numbers in the series' history. Many "SYTYCD" fans, myself included, hypothesized that Alex, who gave up a post at the prestigious Miami City Ballet to appear on "SYTYCD," could have won the entire competition, if he hadn't had to tragically bow out due to a lacerated Achilles tendon injury that took a full year to heal. Alex was set to return to the show this season as an allstar...but it turns out he will now have to sit out yet another year of "SYTYCD," because, horrifically, he just snapped the Achilles tendon in his other leg.

The injury, which Nigel Lythgoe first announced on Fox's "Good Day L.A." Thursday morning, occurred at the Step Up 4 auditions this past weekend, one year and three days after Alex's first Achilles injury. OMGDance reports that he hurt himself while attempting the same jumps that felled him last year during the ill-fated rehearsals of his "SYTYCD" Bollywood number. It is expected that Alex will have to spend another year of his life recovering from this latest sad setback.

"Hi all, it is in fact true. I was dancing and snapped it Saturday night. I just came out of surgery. I am shocked, thanks for your support!" Alex tweeted from his hospital bed at USC's Keck Medical Center on Thursday (the very same day the names of nine confirmed allstars were announced on "SYTYCD's" results show). When allstar Mark Kanemura responded with, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" (Mark's original tweet actually included way too many "O's" and exclamation points to fit here), Alex tweeted back, "I know! Exactly what I thought when I landed and felt it snap again. Ugh." Alex also posted a Twitpic of himself in the hospital, trying to maintain a brave face.

This news is absolutely heartbreaking. I know I speak for many "SYTYCD" fans when I say I was SO looking forward to seeing Alex back on his own two feet and performing as an allstar. I wish him a full and speedy recovery and hope to see him on "SYTYCD" Season 9.

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