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‘So You Think You Can Dance’: 100 Episodes, 100 Thousand Tears

Lyndsey Parker
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OK, I just have two complaints about tonight's 100th So You Think You Can Dance episode:

1) IT WAS NOT LONG ENOUGH! I loved that several standout routines from the series that were reprised, like Jamie & Hok's otherworldly "Hummingbird" dance from season 3, Travis & Heidi's enchanting and Emmy-winning "Bench" routine from season 2, and the second season's top 20 Elizabethan-zombie "Ramalama" routine, this time with choreographer Wade Robson joining in on all the twisted goth fun. All of these routines still bring tears to my eyes and/or static to my neck-hairs after all this time.

But what about Twitch &  Katee's intense "Door" dance, or Mark & Chelsea's still-haunts-my-dreams "Traveling Businessman" routine, or my all-time favorite SYTYCD moment: Neal & Sabre's "Boardroom Table" tour de force ? I mean, as entertained as I was by Katie Holmes' "Get Happy" Judy Garland homage tonight (despite the pre-taped lip-synching), I still would have preferred it if that airtime had been devoted to at least one more encore from SYTYCD seasons past. Sure, Katie was good...but I wanted to see Katee.

But then again, the SYTYCD producers could have extended the 100th episode to telethon length, hours and hours and hours, and I still never would have tired of watching. I just wish tonight had been a bigger, more epic production, after all the build-up and hype.

2) TWO MORE DANCERS HAD TO GO HOME. This sad fact sort of spoiled the celebratory mood tonight. Especially because one of the eliminated contestants was the perhaps the hottest hot tamale on the show, Mia Michaels' and Nigel Lythgoe's official favorite, Janette.

Cat Deeley called this cut the "shock of the season." Nigel went so far as to say he'd been rooting for Janette to WIN, and that her surprise elimination had ruined the entire 100th episode for him. I kind of wondered if Nigel resentfully blamed Evan for Janette's downfall--Evan was her partner this week, and although he wasn't even in the bottom two guys this evening, his routines with her last night were two of the most harshly critiqued, and mainly because of him.

As for the male dancer cut tonight, it was Jason. This was less of a shocker, except for the fact that Jason had really stepped it up in last night's awesome, show-closing "zombie schoolgirl" Shane Sparks routine (with Kayla, who was the other girl in the bottom this evening). Perhaps more shocking was the fact that the other guy on the chopping block with Jason tonight was the always amazing Brandon--not Evan, whom everyone (and by "everyone," I mean "me") assumed would be going home tonight based on last night's critiques.

Sigh. Jason and Janette will be dearly missed. And so on that bummer note, I leave you with this cute video I shot of them backstage at episode 99, just a couple days ago in happier times:

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