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‘So You Think You Can Dance’: 100th Episode Interviews

Lyndsey Parker
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This week marks a major milestone for So You Think You Can Dance: its big 100th episode. It's also a milestone for dance in general, as I don't think any development in recent pop culture has done as much to further dance appreciation and awareness than this show.

So You Think You Can Dance has turned choreographers like Mia Michaels and Tyce Diorio into household names. It's educated the masses about all sorts of dance genres, from the paso doble to the pas de deux. It's put the amazing Debbie Allen and Toni Basil back on TV. And even more so than Billy Elliott, it's made once-maligned, misunderstood male dancers seem like the coolest people on the planet. (Because they are!)

So this week, to celebrate this special occasion, I visited the show's set and interviewed show judge/creator Nigel Lythgoe about the significance and impact of SYTYCD, along with the remaining top eight finalists in pairs (Brandon and Kayla, Ade and Melissa, Evan and Jeanine, and finally Jason and Janette).

Click the video below to see them discuss there favorite routines in all of So You Think You Can Dance history and their personal experiences on this groundbreaking, gobsmacking program:

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