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‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Elimination: Not-So-Hot Salsa

Lyndsey Parker
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I'd like to say I'm a psychic for "predicting" that Chelsea & Thayne and Susie & Marquis would be in the bottom this week. But a blogger doesn't need be Miss Cleo to figure that out. Those two couples were clearly, glaringly the worst of the bunch last night.

Chelsea and Thayne's court-jester contemporary routine managed to be both weird and uninteresting at the same time (in others words, it wasn't Mia Michaels-weird, it was just plain weird).

Meanwhile, Susie and Marquis's salsa number wasn't nearly caliente enough--it was the mildest salsa this side of Taco Bell condiments counter, in fact.

So yeah, no big surprise in either case.

However, it was a little more surprising that Chris and Comfort were in the bottom this week. Sure, Chris wasn't the best krumper last night, but he gave it a good go--and Comfort, a specialty hip-hop dancer, was more than able to pick up his slack. But I suppose the voting public had no other choice, really, because the competition was stiffer than a Mary Murphy cocktail last night:

Mark & Chelsie's tango was pure sex, Kourtni & Matt's foxtrot was pure elegance, Courtney & Gev's contemporary dance was pure magic, Katie & Joshua's Broadway routine was pure dynamite, and Twitchington's emotional number was pure joy. And well, Jessica & Will's hip-hop attempt wasn't exactly astounding...but Will was.

So yeah, I guess by default it had to come down to Comfort & Chris, unfortch.

America got it right this time.

So the six contestants up for elimination "danced for their lives," in an effort to convince the judges that America had actually gotten it wrong and that they deserved to stay. Of the three soloing girls, Comfort was the most awe-inspiring, and Susie was the least impressive again. Sure, Susie's a sexy thang (I imagine she's quite popular with the high school boys she teaches back in Miami, all lining up to clap her erasers after class), and if this program was called So You Think You Can Pole-Dance, she;d be a shoo-in to win this entire season. But during Susie's solo tonight, all that skantastic rolling around on the floor a la Madonna at the 1984 MTV Video Awards was a total turnoff.

I don't know...maybe Susie should just audition for Rock Of Love 3 instead...

Among the three boys--oddly all contemporary dancers--it was a little tougher to detect the weakest link. The solos by Chris, Marquis, and Thayne were all pretty solid. I really couldn't make a confident choice here--though based on their previous body of work, I grudgingly rooted for Marquis to go.

And hey, the judges got it right this time, too.

Yes, it seems everyone was in agreement this week: The judges sent Susie and Marquis home, just as I'd predicted in yesterday's blog.

Hey, maybe I am psychic!

Well, I'm certainly predicting that season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance will continue to be amazing. Tune in next week to see if that's the case, when the remaining 16 competitors keep dancing like there's no tomorrow...

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