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‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Finally Receives Its Emmy Due

Lyndsey Parker
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"So You Think You Can Dance" has has won five extremely well-deserved Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography, and a grand total of seven Emmys...but incredibly, it has NEVER been nominated for the biggie Emmy categories, Outstanding Reality Competition and Outstanding Reality Host. But happily, this great injustice has finally been remedied, as when the Emmy nominations were announced Thursday morning, both the show AND hostess-with-the-mostess Cat Deeley at long last got their due.

In the Outstanding Reality Competition race, "SYTYCD" is up against some stiff competition, namely "The Amazing Race," which has won practically every year that this category has existed, and "Top Chef," which broke "The Amazing Race's" crazy nine-year winning streak in 2010. Reality television's other huge dance show, "Dancing With The Stars," is also nominated, but I don't really want to live in a world where a show featuring a cha-cha-ing Kirstie Alley or Bristol Palin can beat out a show with phenomenal legitimate dancers like Billy Bell and Robert Roldan.

"SYTYCD's" Fox sister show "American Idol" is also up, for the eighth time, but I can't imagine "Idol" winning with Season 9, which was widely considered to be its worst season ever, and Season 10, its first season sans Simon Cowell, fresh in Emmy voters' minds. In my opinion, "Idol" should have won this award multiple times, particularly in Seasons 7 and 8, but this should not be "Idol's" year.

This should be "So You Think You Can Dance's" year.

"SYTYCD" is one of the more highbrow shows in reality televsion, and always has been. What other primetime, non-cable reality program regularly invites illustrious dance troupes--ballet companies, world-class ballroom champions, child prodigies, even wheelchair dancers--to stunningly perform? Which other show has utilized such an eclectic range of music, from Icelandic composer Olafur Arnaulds to indie noise racketeers Sleigh Bells to a rising (then-unsigned) troubadour like Chrstina Perri? What other show has educated the mainstream public about the true artistry of dance, and turned amazing choreographers like Mia Michaels and Sonya Tayeh into household names?

Emmy judges, are you reading this?

In related awesome Emmy news, Cat Deeley is finally nominated in the hosting category. Her effusive English charm has always added so much to "SYTYCD," and her ability to think on her stiletto'd feet--whether fending off the advances of Dominic Sandoval, helping injured finalist Russell Ferguson limp to the finish line, or playing off Nigel Lythgoe's sarcastic banter--has always been impeccably timed and the very definition of grace under pressure. "Modern Family's" Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who was a guest judge on "SYTYCD" this week, declared Cat deserving of this honor on the eve of the Emmy nomination announcement, and he was so right. Give this woman an Emmy already, if only so we can get a good look at the sure-to-be-gorgeous, fashion-forward gown this reality fashionista will wear to the awards ceremony.

Skip to the 3:10 mark of my interview below with Cat at the Season 8 "SYTYCD" Vegas callbacks, when I flat-out asked her about her Emmy chances and she was way, way too humble. And good luck to the entire "SYTYCD" team--exctingly, the show is nominated in a whopping five of the six nominees up for Outstanding Choreography this year, with Season 2 alum Travis Wall getting a nod--when the Emmys air September 18!

[photos courtesy of Fox]

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