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So You Think You Can Dance: Gev Goes, Kherrington’s Cut

Lyndsey Parker
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Tonight marked the first night that the So You Think You Can Dance vote lay squarely in the hands of the viewing public. But I've always appreciated the fact that the expert judges had veto power in the elimination process, and were allowed to save any dancer who clearly did not belong in the bottom (as I've pointed out before, just imagine how differently certain seasons of American Idol could have panned out if such a policy had been in place on the nights that Chris Daughtry or Tamyra Gray were axed). So I was not happy to learn that Nigel, Mary, et al would no longer have any say in who stays and who goes.

Anyway, at first I thought America pretty much got it right tonight. And I was relieved. But then, there STILL were a couple of Jennifer Hudson-style elimination shockers at the end of the episode.

But first things first....Mark and Kherrington are fantastic dancers, no doubt, and at one time it would have utterly astonished me to see either of them in the bottom. But frankly, they belonged on the chopping block this week, after last night's twostep misstep and not-so-jazzy jazz routine.

Comfort was deserving of the unofficial Most Improved Award last night, but since she really wasn't even supposed to be in the top 10 in the first place (she got a second chance after an injured Jessica had to prematurely bow out), it made sense that she still didn't garner enough votes to be 100 percent safe. Comfort hasn't been a fan favorite for a while now.

Gev being in the bottom was bit more of a surprise to me--I thought he was grrrrreat during his sexy and smokin' Otis Redding-soundtracked dance with Chelsie, which was one of last night's hands-down highlights for me. But Gev never had the diehard fanbase of Twitch or the over-the-top fawning judge support of Will, so it sort of made sense that he'd be at risk too.

But who'd have thought that Gev would go so soon...or, more shockingly, that onetime frontrunner Kherrington would also be eliminated, thus effectively thwarting any chance of a Twitchington reunion this season?

I suspected Kherrington might be in the bottom tonight, but I didn't think she'd actually go home. And let's face it, if the judges still had veto power, I'm pretty certain they would have saved Kherrington and shipped Comfort home for a second time. I

think Comfort knew this, too--in fact, I imagine if the judges that still been in control tonight, she wouldn't have even bothered to unpack her suitcase when she returned to the show this week.

Well, as sad as I am to see Kherrington go, it was endearing to see this golden girl keep her signature smile on her face even as she was exiting stage left. And I'm still happy for Comfort: As Mary Murphy pointed out, not many people get a second chance in life. So I hope Comfort takes full advantage of hers. But she probably shouldn't unpack her bags just yet...

One dancer I wish was getting a second chance was Gev. I really liked him. He wasn't a standout for me in the beginning, but he was starting to grow on me. I suspect he was starting to grow on Chelsie too, but that SYTYCD romance (real or imagined) has been put on hold, at least until the SYTYCD tour starts.

Then again, I totally, totally adore Mark to bits, and I would have been even more bummed if he'd left this soon. So pretty much there was no way I was going to be happy with tonight, whatever the results were.

Basically, any elimination tonight was going to hurt. All the dancers are just too good to leave at this point. But as the old saying goes, they all gotta go some time...

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