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So You Think You Can Dance Results: Final Fantastic 4 Revealed!

Lyndsey Parker
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Tonight's elimination episode was full of the most fun kind of filler: six finale-worthy solos (someone please tell me where I can get one of Twitch's "T" tees, because he really needs to launch his own T-shirt line already); a so-adorable-it-almost-hurt-to-watch breakdance routine to "Planet Rock" by a kid who put the "boy" in b-boy (a 6-year-old who'll probably be in the finale of SYTYCD season 16); and super-space-age performance by peroxide-blonde fembot Lady GaGa.

I was especially going gaga for Lady GaGa. That chick looked she was an alien from Planet Rock! She was a very kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to Mother, a superfreak, and she was superfreak-ing ouuuut. The albino Edgar Winter wig, the Thriller-era Jacko jacket, the hiked-up Flashdance leotard, the illuminated TimeLife-operator headset mic that made her look like she was gargling a mouthful of fireflies....daaaaannnng. I loved everything about her. Her performance of "Just Dance" was the weirdest thing I've ever seen on SYTYCD...and that's including all Mia Michaels, Mandy Moore, and Mark Kanemura routines! But it was weird in a good way, as far as I was concerned.

I'm sure it was a polarizing performance--a quick skim of the SYTYCD message board on the Fox site indicates that Lady GaGa was NOT everyone's cup of psychedelic mushroom tea--but yo, I dug it.

But all of this was still filler. It was all a bunch of stall tactics--albeit very entertaining stall tactics--before Cat Deeley's big announcement of the evening, the reason why everyone was tuning in.

Finally, Cat got around to revealing the four dancers advancing to next week's season finale. Of course, this process was protracted and filler-filled too, packed with plenty of Wednesday-night recaps (c'mon, we saw last night's show already!), redundantly rehashed judge commentary (we already know what Nigel thinks!), and inconvenient commercial breaks. Argh!

Eventually Katee was the first contestant to make it through, which was no big shocker. Then the other no-brainer, Katee's equally gifted partner Josh, was next. Whoa, did I call it last night or what? I'd predicted it as such.

Well, don't call me Miss Cleo just yet. Because the next girl to make the finals was Courtney, who I'd predicted would get cut tonight in favor of Chelsie. Courtney seemed most shocked of all, but I was happy for her. She more than proved herself last night and earned her rightful spot.

Oh, and I got the other male-dancer prediction wrong, too: I guessed Mark was going to squeak by, but instead it was Twitch. But you know, I've never been so happy to be wrong! Twitch wants this soooo much--he narrowly missed making the show in season 3, and his breakdown last week when he was in the bottom proved how emotionally invested he is in this competition. But more important than him wanting this, Twitch deserves this.

Hey, Twitch...well done, you! (As Cat Deeley would say.)

And so, the final fantastic four this fourth season are Katee, Josh, Courtney and Twitch. Wow, TWO b-boys in the finale--that's definitely a SYTYCD first! Guess now that cute electric-boogalooin' 6-year-old has two role models to look up to.

But I really think it's going to come down to Katee and Josh next week. However, no matter who wins, I'm definitely going to enjoy watching what might be the strongest top four in this show's history. It's on!

Now please excuse me while I search for a red Sharpie, so I can start checking off the six calendar days between now and next Wednesday...

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