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So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10 Revealed!

Lyndsey Parker
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Tonight the top 10 So You Think You Can Dance finalists were unveiled--an important turning point in the competition not only because it was the last chance for the judges to have any say in who stays and who goes, but also because these top 10 dancers are the ones who will participate in this year's SYTYCD tour.

So with 12 dancers remaining on this all-important judgment night, that meant half of the contenders--or three couples--were on the chopping block this evening. One of the bottomed-out couples was no big surprise, but the other two at-risk couples were definitely more unexpected.

First, the non-shocker: Comfort and Thayne were in the bottom three. I predicted as much last night. Comfort was definitely out of her depth during that Mandy Moore routine, and she was unpredictably disappointing dancing in her specialty genre of hip-hop, too. And her partner Thayne, with his supposed tree-like personality, has never been a favorite with the voters, so it was understandable that he didn't make it through.

A bit more surprising was the non-safety of Jessica and Will. They'd been in the bottom before, and granted, their quickstep last night was more of a misstep, but I'd assumed that their fantastically sexy and artsy "Garden Of Eden" star turn would have been enough to save them. So now there was a chance that one of them (um, Jessica, cough) would be sent home. Maybe Mia "You Need A New Partner" Michaels was finally going to get her wish.

The biggest jaw-dropper was the bottom-three placement of Twitchington, aka supposed fan favorites Twitch and Kherrington. They've never been at risk before, and their krump routine last night was, in the twisted-tongued words of Mia Michaels, "nasty and ugly and stank and buck." (In a good way.) But I guess it was their assassin-themed tango that assassinated their shoo-in chances.

As far as the dance-for-survival solos went, I was kind of glad (in a selfish way) that Will and Twitch were in the bottom, because their dances were a total joy to watch. Will wisely opted to do a shirtless solo, and Twitch was pure on-fire awesomeness. Thayne was good, too--at this point in the competition no one on the show isn't good--but of the three male dancers, he was clearly the weakest. It looked like the Tree was about to fall.

Of the females, the weakest was glaringly, obviously Comfort. She could've killed it, but instead she wasted much of her solo time jogging from one end of the stage to other, like she was teaching a Richard Simmons jazzercise routine. It almost seemed like she'd given up, like she was trying to throw the competition. Jessica was good but not great ("good but not great" has been a common critique of Jess throughout the season), but it was Kherrington who really owned the stage. Kherrington's smile alone could have earned her a place in the top 10: One of her biggest assets as a dancer is how her love of dance always shines through, and her solo tonight really showcased that.

So If I had to decide whom to cut, I would have gone with Jessica and Comfort. But for some dumb reason, the producers still insist on this equal boy/girl balance. Why can't they just choose the best 10--why must there be five males and five females? Seems silly to me. Even Nigel admitted as much--that he would have preferred to keep all the boys and cut two girls tonight. But anyway, that kind of rule-bending apparently wasn't allowed, so while the judges figured out which boy and which girl to eliminate, the completely and utterly and totally and amazingly awesome Katy Perry kept the audience members heated up with a performance of her steamy bi-curious hit "I Kissed A Girl."

Damn, that Katy is so hot (see this other blog of mine for more info regarding her hotness), she deserves her own caboose on the Hot Tamale Train. If I ever decided to kiss a girl, Katy would be a good choice. I'm just saying!

So finally the judges returned from their final deliberation of the season, and it turned out the "Garden Of Eden" dance was enough to save Jessica, who was ultimately spared over Comfort tonight. (Sorry, Mia.) Just as I'd predicted. And then my other prediction came true, and Comfort's partner Thayne was told to pack away his dancing shoes as well. Knowing what Nigel said about wishing he could have kept all three boys tonight, I can imagine Jessica was thankful for SYTYCD's gender-equality policy. Because it's pretty obvious she snagged Thayne's spot.

And so the top 10 are, in alphabetical order: Chelsie, Courtney, Gev, Jessica, Joshua, Katee, Kherrington, Mark, Twitch, and Will...coming soon to an arena or theater near you! But before that tour gets underway, there are nine more dancers to eliminate and one to crown the season 4 winner.

I hope you people are watching super-closely, because with the judges no longer having any decision-making power, viewers' votes are more important than ever now. But judging by tonight's two eliminations, the voters are for the most part getting it right so far. Keep up the good work!

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