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‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Top 6 Results: #WINNING

Lyndsey Parker
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"The only winner is dance; at the end of the day, dance wins," Nigel Lythgoe sunnily declared on Thursday's "So You Think You Can Dance" results show, the last results show before next week's big finale. Well, Caitlynn and Ricky, who were voted off Thursday and thus denied any chance of actually winning Season 8, might beg to differ with Mr. Lythgoe. But Nigel did have a valid point. After the biggest vote of season, four stellar dancers remained--Marko, Sasha, Melanie, and Tadd--and they will undoubtedly make for an incredible finale next week. The real winners, therefore, are actually "SYTYCD" viewers.

And these four dancers really are the dancers that viewers chose. Nigel explained, at the top of Thursday's elimination episode, that the judges had decided to simply eliminate the bottom two in terms of votes (one boy, one girl), rather than deliberate. "Because we don't want to reveal who the top two are, we can't reveal who the bottom four are," he said, forcing viewers to do some quickie math in their heads. (While it's probably safe to assume Marko was the top male vote-getter, it's harder to guess who the top female was--as I suspect that America, much like Nigel himself, probably flip-flopped between the equally amazing Melanie and Sasha.)

So none of the contestants danced for their lives Thursday, but they were all winners in their own ways, because they all did solos anyway--and even when they were dancing just for fun, with no spot in the finale at stake, they all entertained and excelled. All of them danced like true champions.

Ricky's solo was actually my favorite (his solos are ALWAYS my favorites), from his crazy unhinged-hip/standing-leg split to his big finish when he did a flip and landed straight into a seated yoga staff pose. The one upside of Ricky's repeated undeserving placements in the bottom four all season long was he got to do a LOT of solos, and ironically, that actually garnered him more screentime than some contestants who fared better on the show and never had to solo for survival. I was pleased that Ricky got one more moment of glory like this, before he sadly left the competition for good.

While I actually thought Ricky had a chance of making the finale over B-boy Tadd (since Tadd was in the bottom four last week, while Ricky was safe), I knew Caitlynn would not prevail over Melanie and Sasha. (Even Caitlynn had to have known her chances were seriously slim.) As Nigel put it, "Caitlynn performs and dances from her head, Melanie dances from her heart, and Sasha dances from her soul." And the heart and soul will always win out over the brain on an emotional show like "SYTYCD."

So now it looks like it will be a battle between the "heart" and the "soul" of the competition next Wednesday, for sure--because I am fairly certain that Nigel's season-long prediction, that a female "beast" will win Season 8, remains spot-on. While Marko's incredible skill and Tadd's bold personality shouldn't be discounted (I do think the boys were kind of underestimated all season, in general), it's still difficult to imagine either of them taking the title away from this season's two reigning warrior princesses.

But whoever wins next week, DANCE will win in the end. I couldn't have worded it better myself, Nigel.

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