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Spinoffs Make My Head Spin

Lyndsey Parker
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OK, it all started with a little show called The Surreal Life, specifically the season that (in)famously starred odd couple Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen.

That especially surreal season of The Surreal Life begat the spinoff roadtripping series Strange Love, which chronicled Brigitte and Flav's comic misadventures across the globe from Europe to Vegas.

But after Fouffy and Gita's TV romance fell apart on that show's staged-but-sad season finale, Flav soon embarked on a "serious" quest for a special someone who could fill the Brigitte-shaped hole in his heart. And that quest was (in)famously chronicled on a ratings-bonanza VH1 program titled Flavor Of Love, of course.

Flavor Of Love lasted three seasons, each season offering diminishing returns (Flav was even already technically engaged to his real-life babymama by season 3). But one of that series' more memorable rejected bachelorettes, Tiffany "New York" Pollard, still landed two seasons of her own dating show, I Love New York. And she even somehow managed to convince VH1 execs to give her another show all about her pursuit of a legit acting career, New York Goes To Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Flavor Of Love inspired two seasons (and an upcoming third season) of Poison frontman Bret Michaels' similar, equally hoochie-rific dating show, Rock Of Love.

THEN slutty alums from both Flavor Of Love and Rock Of Love reunited in various configurations for the schoolgirl-skirted Charm School franchise, and additionally joined forces with some I Love New York suitors for the greedy game show I Love Money.

But that's not all, folks.

Now I Love New York season 1 suitors/brothers/"Stallionaires" Real and Chance are starring in their own spinoff dating show, Real Chance Of Love. And Bret Michaels' scary-faced season 2 reject Daisy De La Hoya, after indulging in short-lived post-show flings with rockers/reality-TV regulars Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee, has announced a casting call for her own televised search for the tattooed loveboy of her dreams.

That show, naturally, will be called Daisy Of Love, and it is aptly described on her MySpace page as a "spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff."

This, of course, is all aside from VH1's other Surreal Life spinoffs, like My Fair Brady and The Surreal Life Fame Games. Or the various Surreal Life vets who've appeared on other VH1 shows, like Pepa (The Salt-N-Pepa Show), Da Brat (Celebrity Fit Club), Brigitte Nielsen (Celebrity Rehab), and Tawny Kitaen (Celebrity Rehab 2). Or the Flavor-ish copycat dating shows like A Shot Of Love With Tila Tequila and its own Domenico-starring spinoff, That's Amore.

The list truly goes on and on and on...

Phew! Got all that? It's a lot to keep track of, I know. I also know I probably shouldn't be complaining here...after all, what would I do if I didn't have these shows to write about? (I ask that question totally rhetorically, since real-life answers would be: getting out of the house/keeping track of important world events/volunteering for charity/saving money on my cable bill/sleeping more than four hours a night, etc.)

But VH1's insular little Celebreality world has become like one of those Russian nesting dolls, opening and reopening and unraveling to reveal more and more layers and levels and compartments of (sur)reality. And it's getting to be a bit much. And these shows are overlapping so much in the VH1 programming calendar at this point, I feel like I see cast members like Rock Of Love's Brandi C. and Megan or Flavor Of Love's Pumkin more than I see members of my own family.

And it seems like there will be no end to the headspinning spinoff madness, until each and every castmate gets his or her own show. Really now, can Frenchie Of Love, Lacey Of Love, Hoopz Of Love, Rodeo Of Love, Destiney Of Love, 12-Pack Of Love, Buddha Of LoveThing Of Love (starring twins Thing 1 and Thing 2), Tailor Made For LoveDeelishis Love, or Midget Mackin' Love be far off?

Something tells me a sneaky-peek at VH1's 2009 production schedule would indicate otherwise.

That being said, of COURSE I will be watching Daisy Of Love when it airs. Hopefully I'll find some time for charity work and sleeping before then...

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