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Steaming Hot New Menudo!

Lyndsey Parker
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Those of you who watched last year's MTV show Making Menudo to the bitter end are already well aware that, after a season of cruelly and sometimes arbitrarily shifting and switching the cast's prospective Latin heartthrobs around like hapless chess pawns ("You're in Menudo! No wait, you're NOT in Menudo! Wait, no, go back and stand with the band--you made it! Actually, pack your bags--your road to Menudo has ended!"), schizophrenically indecisive Menudo mastermind Johnny Wright selected the final five members for the newfangled version of this bilingual boy band.

Belated congratulations to Monti, Emmanuel, Chris, Carlos, and Jose.

The question is, now that Menudo are Menudo again (there was a time in the '90s when they switched their name to MDO, kind of like when New Kids On The Block became the snazzier NKOTB), will they be as successful as they were in their Ricky Martin-led heyday? And if so, does that mean they'll still have to quit when they hit puberty and their voices change, or when they sprout their first facial hair...or whatever the group's Logan's Run-esque age-limit rule is? And if they DO have to quit after they reach a certain cutoff age, does that mean a second season of Making Menudo will be filmed to replace them?

Oh, so many questions. Or preguntas. It'd take "More Than Words" to answer them all. And hey, it just so happens that "More Than Words" was the title of the revamped Menudo's debut single. No, it wasn't a cover of the Extreme song--so forget whether or not the new Menudo boys ever measured up to the mighty legend of Gary Cherone, and just go back to pondering if they can ever live up to Ricky Martin's loca legacy.

Perhaps the answer to that query will be uncovered in the new video by the new Menudo, "Lost." Which, ironically, features the guys who won on the show. Funny. Anyway, I must say, "Lost" is a pretty solid pop song. I guess Menudo still have that winning boy-band formula after all.

Compare and contrast the new reality-TV version of Menudo with the classic Ricky Martin lineup's 1985 video "Come Home" here:

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